Thursday, 1 October 2015

To Review or Not To Review?

As a writer on the way to becoming self-published I've been researching this thing called Book Reviews with a lot more interest.

Authors NEED reviews to help improve their rankings (well if they are good reviews they improve), and to improve your rankings means the site you are selling your book baby on will in turn put your book closer to the top of the search list potential readers are looking at.  So it's important to get these reviews.

My post today is to ask: Who leaves reviews and how often?

I love to read and listen to audio books mostly in the Romantic Fiction genre.  Sometimes I branch out to a Mystery/Suspense without the romance, but rarely.
As a solo mum the time I have to read uninterrupted is limited and usually in bed before I fall asleep.  When I finish a book I'd be happy to leave a review, but I'm tired and it's late and always say "I'll do it tomorrow".  Then the next night I start a new book with the previous book review still not done.  Eventually I find some time and add a few reviews at the same time, but only if I find the time and the book really impressed me.  If it didn't, I don't go out of my way to leave a bad review.  I just don't review anything less than a 4 these days - life is too short.

I’d love to hear about your thoughts on writing reviews.  Do you or don't you?

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Happy writing to all the writers out there and Happy reading to all the romance readers out there