Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Just let me write ..... Please

Is that something you are constantly saying in your head to family and friends, or maybe out loud, after numerous and repeated attempts to get your attention rather than let you just write.
It is nice they want you around, but can’t they feed themselves, tidy the house, play by themselves?  If you have a partner you are truly lucky if they help keep the hoards away from you during writing time, but for the solo mum with a nearly 5yo I really need to budget my time and hope the muse is still with me when I get my quiet writing time after 8pm at night.  That’s after the little one has gone off to dreamland and I’ve tidied the house, put on a load of washing and prepared for the next day.
All I really want to do is relax on the lounge and let my brain rest from all the activity during the day and everything I need to remember for the coming week.
As I write this blog I don't have the interruption of a cat on the keyboard as per the usual, but I do have Mr 5yo climbing onto my lap because it's been a whole 2 minutes since we spoke.  So my attention is required - again.  Silly me, I thought the game he was playing on the floor with his action figures would keep him amused for at least 10 minutes.
Actually if I just sat on the lounge and watched him, I would be ignored for a full 30 minutes.  I know because I tested this theory.  As soon as I divert my attention to a phone or laptop - he can't live without me.
How about you?  Do you manage any writing time uninterrupted?
For me I also have a full-time day job as I haven’t yet made it to the coveted ranks of a financially stable full time writer.   I won’t know what to do with myself when I’m a full time writer while the little one is at school.  Bliss - I’m dreaming about it now.
Recently I’ve started to meditate before I start my writing stint in the evenings and it’s really helping me to get that relaxation for my brain before I begin the creative side of my life.

How about you?
I’m curious how others find time to write uninterrupted with family and day-job work commitments.

How do you do it?