Thursday, 24 September 2015

Trust Yourself and Go for It

Recently I made a big decision - leave my day job and write full time.

I want to be a published author and sustain my family financially from it.  Sounds easy when you write it in one sentence like that.  Only I'm not a published author I'm just a person who likes to write and WANTS to be a published author.  I've been wanting to change my life for many, many years but keep making excuses to stay in my day job (installing financial software for large companies on 1-2 year projects).  My main reason is that I'll see how the 1st book goes and then I'll decide if I leave my day job. Only I never seem to have enough time to write to actually finish the 1st book.

Recently I’ve been looking very critically at myself and my life and realised the obvious:

If I don’t change something in my life, my life will not change

This could be my new home if my novels don't sell
Ok, not a new concept, but for some reason it struck me quite strongly that I’m like the lab rat that just keeps spinning the wheel and doing the same thing day in day out.  I don’t allow myself time to write. I make excuses for why I can't find time to write.  Mostly because I'm tired after being on a client site daily and then having to travel 1-2 hours each way, and then being a sole parent for a VERY, VERY energetic 5yo.  Life has been draining me - because I let it.  That is my recent realisation.  I let it.
I firmly believe if you really want to do something, then you find the time - right?.

So here goes - when I write this it will be real.  Scary real.

Today I made a decision to leave my day job and devote 3 months to writing full time and see where it leads.  Am I scared? - Absolutely!  Could I go bankrupt? - Hmmm, possibly.  Will I do it? - Hell Yes!!!!!!!!!

I've been writing romantic fiction and dabbling in childrens stories for a couple of decades now.  I have done my internship - it's time to see if I learnt anything.

Feel free to comment or drop me an email too say “Yeah - Good on you Kalysta” as you throw me a virtual high-5, or “Come on Slacko — stop blogging and write that book!”

I’d love to hear about others who have made changes to get a better life, or are in the process of making a change, and how it turned out in the comments.

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Happy writing to all the writers out there and Happy reading to all the romance readers out there