Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Leave your emotions in your Fiction - but HOW?

How do you detach yourself from the Fictional character emotions get back to day-to-day life after each writing session?

I’m currently writing some scenes where my heroine, Sera, is kidnapped and she must work through her emotions to find the best strategy to stay alive and escape her captors.  The kidnappers are part of a group who want to find an ancient relic before the Sera’s newly found family, the Jade Witch Coven, do.  It’s a battle of humans who want to become immortal (as they believe collecting all 3 ancient Jade relics will give them this), and the Jade Witch Coven who are sworn protectors of the 3 ancient relics and know their true purpose is not immortality.
There are dark forces, evil dudes and dudettes and a bunch of good guys all trying to to get to the Jade Wand first, which is the 1st of the relics to be hunted.
In writing these kidnap scenes Sera is going through a range of emotions as you would expect, but it’s how she handles each situation that is draining me.  Especially as one of the kidnappers is a past love, her 1st love, and his betrayal of her and her heart has not yet healed.  To write these scenes I have been digging into my past and reliving some hurts and pain and it’s great material to help me get into character.
The part I’m currently struggling with is how to detach myself from the emotional state I’m in once I finish my writing session and need to get back to family life and do normal stuff again.  I’m finding if I was writing a cranky scene I’m cranky with my family - for absolutely no reason, than I was in that mindset and I haven’t worked out how to trigger a switch back to normal life.

How do you get our of your characters head(s) and get back into your own when you have finished writing for that session?

Any tips from seasoned writers?

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