Wednesday, 29 July 2015

If You Want a Change - Change Something

I whinge often to myself and my friends about getting up early to go to a job I don’t really like, in locations I’m not a fan of, which keeps me away from my young child who I’d rather be a stay at home mum to.

To all my readers (I’m hoping I have some out there), I am going to change that.

Recently I’ve been looking very critically at myself and my life and realised the obvious: if I don’t change something in my life, my life will not change.  Ok, not a new concept, but for some reason it struck me quite strongly that I’m like the lab rat that just keeps spinning the wheel and doing the same thing day in day out.  I don’t allow myself time to write and fit that into my lifestyle, because if you really want to do something, then you find the time - right?.
I have been writing fiction for many, many years now.  I’m actually getting up to nearly 2 decades.  Wow I sound old, let’s not go there today and just say I love to write stories and have been spending time to hone my craft.
I’ve also wanted to be a published author for the bulk of that time but other than telling friends I want to be a full-time writer I never progressed past that, especially after I had some rejections from the traditional publishers I sent my 1st manuscript to.  Having a day job as an accountant meant ‘doing my time’ to progress through the ranks because I convinced myself I wanted to be a Senior Manager, plus I wanted a life outside of work too.  So I didn’t allow a lot of time to my writing in any serious way.
Today I’m Changing my calendar and my mindset and deciding to write and exercise everyday.  Yep, I’m combining the two because I blame not writing on being too tired from my life to write and I’m tired because I’m not eating as well as I could and I don’t exercise.  That just facilitates a downward spiral that will never change if I don’t change something.

Today I choose to Change how I spend my time, to Change my Life!

Feel free to comment or drop me an email too say “Yeh - Good on you Kalysta”, or “Come on Slacko — get to work!”

I’d love to hear about others who have made changes to get a better life, or are in the process of making a change, in the comments.

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Happy writing to all the writers out there and Happy reading to all the romance readers out there