Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Who is your favourite Book Boyfriend?

How can I pick only one?

I’ve been trying to decide on the hero for my book and wondering what type of man he is, or rather should be.  Is he outdoorsy?  Could he be a firefighter/paramedic type?  Is he a financial whizz in a suit?
On my pursuit to ensure I create a great Book Boyfriend for all the readers I’ve been out and about people watching, or more accurately Man Watching.  Not quite the same as a man hunt, but definitely slightly stalker-ish escapades.
A couple of days ago I was driving to the grocery store when a fire engine sped passed me with lights flashing and siren blazing.  As a good motorist I moved over to let them past and then I did what any sane writer would do looking for a new hero, I followed them.  Of course, not quite as fast, but headed in the general direction to see if I could find them again.  As luck would have it, well not for the building, but luckily for me I found them a few blocks away doing their thing to put out a fire.  I’ve never seen fire fighters in action before, not in real life, right there in front of me and I have to say it was quite breath taking.  All that heroic testosterone as they held the hoses and broke down a door to check inside.  Wow, my next hero would be a fire fighter for sure.  As it’s romance novel he will look like one of the men on the annual calendar they put out.  Ooooh yes, all rippling tanned muscles and a tight six pack of abs.

The next day I was shopping in town and passed a very shiny Harley Davidson and my mind began to wander towards a bad boy type with a romantic side for the ‘right’ woman.

Aaah, now confusion was hitting home and hero’s were beginning to fight for my attention.  I was sitting having a coffee as I tried to decide between fire fighter and bad boy and thought how if this was my real life I’d really have something to write home about.  I’m an Aussie who lives in Scotland you see. Then I started to think of home, of the sunny days and the beach and the swimming and then I was day dreaming over a surfer type.

This book will never be written if I can’t decide on the hero very, very soon.   I know I just need to pick one, but they are all so yummy how is a girl to decide?????

Who would be your Book Boyfriend?