Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Clearing out the Clutter in 1 easy step (or more if your toddler is helping)

De-Clutter your Home and De-Clutter your Brain

I'm endeavoring to get myself back on track with my writing.  I've been offline for a few months now and having a de-clutter recently is helping get me back on track.

There was no real conscious decision to take this route, but having cleaned out a load of items around the house that haven't been used in years, that have been stuffed in boxes under the stairs, I feel a cleansing has begun.

All this was brought on by the impending visit of my mother and my Auntie this coming weekend.  They are very house proud (of course they didn't have to work fulltime and raise a child) and have all the parenting advice you could possibly need.  Actually I'm not sure how many actually need it, but it's imparted regardless and as a semi-dutiful daughter I tend to grin and bare it - well to a point.  There is only so much an independent strong-willed woman can take.

Can you tell I'm soooo excited about this 10 day visit.... Not!  I'm sure I'm building it up into something it's not and it will all be fine though.  We shall see.

Anyway, back onto the point of this post.  For a bit of background, I moved to my current home after globe trotting for a good decade and a bit and it's the first time I have all my belongings in one country.  So for the past year I've been gradually going through boxes I haven't seen in a long while.  Some of the photo's I've unearthed are positively scary.  Was I every that young?  Why did I think a spiral perm and green eyeshadow was a good look?  Can you tell I was a teenager in the extremely fashionable 80's.

This past weekend was the final clean out - I have actually unpacked and sorted the final box of stuff.  There has been much thrown out and it's been very cathartic to be moving on with the new life, the new career and my own little family.

Of course my little man of 3 years old was very keen to help me throughout the day and was often unpacking the garbage pile because he'd found something we should be keeping.  An old boogie board seemed like a good choice.   He practiced surfing on the front deck for ages -- very cool.

I even managed to "rest my eyes" for a few minutes after a big push to finish.  After 2 days of re-organizing and unpacking, constantly walking up and down stairs I was a bit shattered.  I woke up a couple of hours later to a big thud on the front deck.  I found my little man still surfing on the boogie board and he'd just finished a "jungle wee".  This is a term a fellow parent shared with me when toilet training his son when 'going' outside was necessary.  Hence a jungle wee in the garden.

So my little man didn't want to disturb me and took care of things himself into the pot plants on the front deck.  I was very proud, but not sure if the neighbors noticed.  Then I discovered pieces of blueberry muffin in my hair.  Hmmm, how did he get the muffin from the cupboard?  Further investigation showed the dining chairs were in the kitchen (obviously to get into the cupboards and get a drink).  This showed a thought process and consequences and again I was quietly impressed that he didn't wake me and just sorted himself out.

Now, I should add, I don't make a habit of this, but I was obviously really tired to leave him unattended.

Then I noticed my jewelry box was open and when I went to close it I found it filled with little toy monsters and dinosaurs.  This happened on Sunday and I'm still looking for my real jewelry (the expensive stuff) somewhere in the house.  Apparently while playing pirates it became the treasure box.  I really hope he hasn't buried them in the garden.

Stay tuned, I'll let you know when I find them.

In the meantime I'm loving having a de-cluttered house and I am thinking clearer now.  It's been a great experience and I've started writing again.  So well worth the exercise - although at the cost of a diamond necklace my mother handed down to me -- maybe not.  I really need to find it before she arrives.

Wish me luck!

Kalysta Rose

Solo Mum
& wannabe Indi Author of Hot, Sensual Romance