Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Writing daily is happening, well almost - for NaNoWriMo

Apart from 1 day with no writing I have managed to write daily and instead of re-editing multiple times the same chapter, I'm doing a quick edit and then moving forward. My aim is to write it as I think of it and then when I've finished I'll have a load of words to work with. So far the pouring out of words is working well -- we'll have to wait and see if this helps the edit process or not.

But as for getting me writing it's working because previously I was so hung up on how a single sentence should be worded I wasn't moving forward with my story and then would procrastinate while I thought of that sentence. Having a goal to write daily and get the word count up in a public setting is also quite motivating. Strange how that would be because no one really cares if I do this or not, but it is helping me this month.

Let's see how this next week of writing progresses.