Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Earthquake - a valid reason to procrastinate

I had been feeling rather guilty about not blogging in a couple of months.  I had great intentions when I started and really enjoy the writing process once I do start, but man it's hard to put time aside for it.  I know everyone is busy but recently I seem to have been in a permanent state of 'deer in the headlights' syndrome.  I just move from one task to the next and never seem to catch up and have any me-time.

Then last week I told myself I would start on the weekend and just write - not for any purpose other than to just do it.  But then on the Friday we were hit by a severe quake here in Wellington, New Zealand.

I did know it was a possibility but actually being on the 11th floor of a building that is rocking back and forth with such power that the drawers fly out of the cabinet under my desk is not a lot of fun. For any non-Wellingtonians you may have heard we had a big quake here last Friday that was classed as severe. The official rating was a 6.1 to a 6.7 depending on which paper you read, and it was severe in my book too. Pictures fell off the walls and glass smashed, water pipes to coolers and coffee machines broke with water gushing onto the carpet, large filing cabinets fell over and stuff just generally went flying. Luckily I watched the locals and did what they did, which was duck, cover, hold. We all ducked under our office desks, which covered us and held on so the desk stayed over us and didn’t bounce away - which is a possibility. It felt like it lasted for ages but must have only been about 20 seconds I think. Thankfully no one was hurt and we all made it out of the building.

It’s quite sobering when something like that happens to you and my 1st thought, naturally, was to get my son from daycare and get the hell out of dodge. Unfortunately getting out of town was exactly what everyone wanted to do and my young son and I sat in our car for almost 2 hours trying to move along roads that would normally take us 10 minutes to navigate past. But we made good use of the time with snacks and water. Plus my son decided we should play hide and seek.

Of course I say, and how do we play this game today? Young son replies, “you count mummy and I’ll hide.” Hmmm, we are in the car in our seat belts - not sure how this will work, but not one to say no and dampen his inventiveness we give it a go. “No mummy, you put your hands over your eyes and count.” Of course I do, and as the car really isn’t moving at this stage I oblige and count to 5 and then with a ready or not hear I come I turn in my seat to search for my son. I couldn’t stop laughing as he’d picked up a book and was hiding behind it. So I said “where is Zac, I wonder where he went?”

You get the idea. So a game that I thought was ridiculous for a car ride turned out to be a lot of fun with much real laughter from me, which gave my son a lot of confidence and laughs as well. He was really happy to stop me stressing for a while. If I was to put a moral in this blog today it would be to think outside the box and not just assume things can only be done the way they always have been - even in emergency situations. It took a 3 year old to show me that.

Then I become consumed by procrastination and red wine when we finally arrived home.  All weekend I couldn't seem to concentrate on much or remember to do things.  It's all a bit of a blur really, but now I feel compelled to start writing again.  Hopefully this will be the impetus to get me going on to bigger and better things - like becoming a full time writer.  Fingers crossed.