Friday, 19 April 2013

Month 1 - a delayed start to the Adventure

So much for my adventure into writing everyday! The past month has been filled with an unwell toddler, mice taking up residence under my dishwasher and using the rest of the house as a mouse resort, oh and then there is my day job if I have time. Fixing these issues was a priority and there was no way I could move forward if I ignored them, and I did seriously consider that option. My toddler had some time out of daycare and at home with lots of mummy-cuddles and being snuggled and warm out of the windy, cold weather we are having here in Wellington, NZ. Then after numerous attempts attempting to be a super-mom I realised catching mice is not my thing. They were mocking me each night by licking the peanut butter off the traps and running away, probably dancing on the furniture. I bought almost every trap on the market which included the humane traps and those other ones that are not so humane. Nothing worked. In the end, after a week of trying and not liking to touch anything in my house anymore, I called a pest guy. He came the next day, baited the house and within 3 days I’ve seen no more droppings or mice. Yeh! We have been mouse-free for 5 days now and I’m loving the house again. With those areas of my life tackled, I feel like I can relax a little and get back to my writing. I have been missing my story and really want to type up all the thoughts and musings I’ve been daydreaming. How is everyone else getting on with achieving their task list?