Saturday, 23 March 2013

Day 1 - the Adventure begins

As a solo mum in my early 40's I've been struggling with how to support myself and my now toddler son and still have a great lifestyle with all the basics.  You see, I was a career girl who travelled to different countries whenever I felt like it on and off (mostly on) over the past 15 years.  However, the life of a mum doesn't quite afford me the time or energy to be jet-setting any longer as a consultant.  The long hours at a clients and the even longer hours out socialising are very much the past for me.  I also no longer want that lifestyle.

I have a handsome, extremely energetic and very cute 2 y.o. son who is the center of my world - and as it should be.  So, the reason for this blog is to share my trials and hopefully, triumphs of becoming a financially independent writer and author.  I'm sure other career mums can sympathize with rushing to get to work on time after dropping your little darling at daycare.  Your guilt over abandoning them to another weighing heavy on you as you skull down your travel mug of coffee to wake you up before an all important meeting/presentation.  You make it in with 1 minute to spare and go into your spiel.  Then someone points out you have a mark on your black jacket.  Aaah!  It's either milk from a wet kiddy kiss on your shoulder as you carried them, or regurgitated breakfast, or both, or a handprint from something else your child was touching...  Whichever it was, it has left a stain on your jacket and on your professionalism.  While everyone has a laugh and acts like they understand, you just can't help feeling that you are lacking in the skills and professionalism to deliver on something you have done hundreds of times before and you are an expert.

Well at least that is how it makes me feel.

Which is why I'm looking for another source of income that allows me to not be quite so pristine at work, and be flexible in my work hours to spend the time I want and need to with my son.

My preferred genre is romance writing and while I enjoy a Scottish Historic Romance as a good read, I prefer to write a more contemporary romance that gets quite hot and sexy in the intimate department.

I've dabbled in writing over the past 30 years just for myself, but I'm now attempting to see if I can make a good living from it.  Fingers crossed.

So please check back often and see how I'm going and feel free to drop me a line of encouragement.